Reflection: Perseverance Unknown Addends - Section 3: Independent Practice


I wanted to share the video in the resource section with you because I know we all encounter the situations where no matter how many examples you share with a child, the child may not understand the process. When these situations arise, I tell myself to grab an extra dose of patience and remind myself telling and doing are two completely different things. For most students, if they are not understanding when I show them something, they always seem to get it when they do it themselves with me talking them through it. Remember this and follow that sequential process. You model, you guide them, they do independently. It is teaching at its best!

  Perseverance: Working Hard
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Unknown Addends

Unit 3: Addition Strategies
Lesson 7 of 9

Objective: SWBAT determine the unknown whole number in an addition equation.

Big Idea: My First Graders have been studying many addition strategies. Now I want them to use these strategies to determine an unknown number in an addition equation.

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Math, modeling, addition, First Grade, count up, unknown addend
  35 minutes
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