Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Annotating Text to Write Open Response Essay on The Blast Furnace - Section 2: Building Knowledge


I found that the review I did before the task of writing the open response helped many of the students to focus on what they needed to answer the open response.  I've seen an improvement in their writing ability and comprehension. I think a good lesson begins with a review of previously learned material.  I think review encourages my students to use what they have been taught in previous lessons and in this case the P.E.E. organizer.

In saying this some of my students just don't like to write (or read for that matter) and consequently choose to not use the organizer. I see the difference in their writing and have had minimal success in convincing them otherwise.  Do you have any suggestions on how I can help these resistant students put a little more effort into their product by using this organizer?


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  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Review, Review, and Review More
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Annotating Text to Write Open Response Essay on The Blast Furnace

Unit 14: Narrative Writing
Lesson 6 of 7

Objective: SWBAT demonstrate comprehension of nonfiction by annotating the text and by using the P.E.E organizer to write an open response.

Big Idea: Students "blast" into nonfiction reading and analysis as they read, annotate, and write about influences in The Blast Furnace

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