Reflection: High Quality Task Math Center - Section 1: Why This Center?


This center is full of high quality activities because it truly allows students to deeply connect a reading concept with a math skill.  One of the main skills that we focus on in Kindergarten is making connections; what better connections to make that ones between the two main focus areas of learning? In this center, students really rise to my high expectations of taking each thing they learn and applying it to all facets of their lives.  This is a really important lesson to teach students and I think it comes across very well in this center throughout the year!

  Why This Center is a Crucial Staple for K!
  High Quality Task: Why This Center is a Crucial Staple for K!
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Math Center

Unit 3: Centers
Lesson 9 of 9

Objective: SWBAT practice math skills while connecting it to literature that they have experienced in whole group reading.

Big Idea: Connect your math to a story you've read for a fabulous cross-curricular connection in this center!

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brown bear brown bear counting and graphing
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