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One thing I've found in all my years of teaching is that students find the writing aspect of it painful and tedious.  Even though I LOVE writing and I try to convey that, there are only a select few who truly enjoy it.  Because of this, I try to employ some strategies that promote engagement in the process.  One of the things I do is let the students use highlighters to mark the beginnings and ends of sentences.  This ensures that there is a capital letter and end marks for each one.  We don't use highlighters a lot so it's always a treat when we get them out.

Another thing I have students do is "read to a wall".  Standing in a quiet spot and reading to the wall lets students hear what they wrote and make corrections based on mistakes they find. Students like this IF I let them go to the hall where others can't hear them or see them but where they feel special because they're in the hall alone.  

I also challenge students to read their papers backwards when it comes time to look for spelling mistakes.  I tell them that their brains already wrote the essay so it knows what it MEANT to say so it won't find any misspelled words.  If they read it backwards, their brain is a bit confused and will look for misspelled words.  This strategy gets read with one of those dollar store microphones in a quiet corner of the room.

The strategy the students love the most though, is the whisper phone.  The whisper phone is sold in many catalogs but can easily made with PVC pipe magnifies students' voices as they read their paper to themselves.  I only have six whisper phones and that is the editing tool that goes first!!

My hope is that by keeping students engaged in the editing/ revising process, they will hate it less and do a better job of fixing their mistakes.

  Reflection: Tips and Tools for Engagement
  Classroom Setup: Reflection: Tips and Tools for Engagement
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Connection Time: Revising and Editing Our Essays

Unit 15: The Story of Ruby Bridges
Lesson 9 of 10

Objective: SWBAT accurately revise and edit their essays to produce a final copy.

Big Idea: Editing and revising is the key to producing one's best work.

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