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Students love "fun" tools.  In this center, I really try to incorporate as many real-life tools as possible.  A lot of my students have never seen a globe, magnifying glass, compass, map, etc.  It is important that they be able to enjoy these new items while also recognizing that they can use these items to learn.  I love exposing students to these tools because it not only helps them get their work done, but it also provides more enjoyment, engagement and motivation!  In the end, it also prepares students for later grades and for times they may need to use science or social studies tools in their lives!

  Why are these materials so important?
  Intrinsic Motivation: Why are these materials so important?
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Explore Center

Unit 3: Centers
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Objective: SWBAT connect their science standards to reading and writing.

Big Idea: Reinforce your science topics and allow for more time spent on exploration and inquiry with this center!

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