Reflection: Intervention and Extension You've got Mail! - Section 3: Putting on the stamps


As students were working I noticed that several students had a hard time representing their problems working with the base-tens.  For instance, some students represented the number in the tens place using ten ones.  Even though, they would have arrived at the same product, it would have taken them a lot longer than students using the ten rods. Extra practice will help them better understand the value of the digits, when multiplying a one-digit by a two-digit. I would suggest implementing this task right before their independent tasks to help them feel more comfortable working.
Additional Strategies:
  • Have students work in pairs.  Model a multiplication sentence with one-digit and two-digit numbers using base-ten blocks.  Then, have students use blocks and record the steps. 
  • Draw a 3x3 grid on the board. Write a two-digit number over each column and a one-digit number in front of each row. Have each student fill in the grid by multiplying each two-digit number by each one-digit number. Write the product for these. Explain why the second row of multiples are indented when multiplying by double digits.


                   62 × 2                  66 x 2                       6 × 32                                   61

                                                                                                                           x 25



  Intervention and Extension: What I noticed!
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You've got Mail!

Unit 4: Numbers and Their Places!
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Objective: 4.NBT.B.6 SWBAT use various skills in order to learn the process of multiplying.

Big Idea: Students love distributing mail around the school, using the distributive property student will learn how to break apart numbers to help them understand how to multiply.

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Math, multiple-step instruction, Place Value, reasoning, distribute property
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