Reflection: The Age of Faith in Review: Studying for Myths and Puritans Unit Test - Section 2: Opposite Natures: A Venn Diagram to Understand Character Themes


In our review today, we reflected on how the twins' battle and their behavior shows a bit of bad can be found in everything good, and a bit of good can be found in everything bad; the Iroquois gods tend to reflect the traits of man. In the past, this can spark discussion related to the students' own faith, but this only came up briefly when I student observed that this is unlike his Catholic faith. 

The detailed review of the Venn diagram ensured the students were "on the same page" with similarities and differences, and provided them practice understanding the concepts of comparison and contrast. Students especially came up with strong ideas as we were able to visualize the traits of each twin via the diagram on the board, the similarities they identified showed a distinct understanding of how the two character play off of each other to create, in turn showing an understanding of how to use a Venn diagram to organize their thoughts. 

  Reflective Comparison and Contrast
  Reflective Comparison and Contrast
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The Age of Faith in Review: Studying for Myths and Puritans Unit Test

Unit 2: Literacy: Plain Living Portrayed in Puritan Poetry and Sermons
Lesson 8 of 10

Objective: SWBAT analyze the theme of balance in nature and the complex characterization of a trickster archetype by drawing comparisons in a whole-class review.

Big Idea: What is test anxiety like? In preparation for our first test of the year, students review methods of comparing and contrasting in literature.

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