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This assignment is one that needs LOTS of time, and twenty students can require twenty different amounts of time. Fortunately, I use a literacy block management framework based on "The Daily Five" so my students all ALWAYS have a literacy task required and understood. If I was trying to have all twenty kids writing rough drafts at the same time, with the expectation that they would all finish at the same time, both the students and the teacher in my room would be overwhelmed with frustration! As it is, the writing was pretty smooth because only 5 to 7 students at a time were working on this, and they could go back to it each day until they did finish. This structure also allows me to assist my most challenged students with lots of support and to add more sophisticated tasks for my advanced writers. 

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Writing A Life Story

Unit 2: I Am A Biographer
Lesson 6 of 9

Objective: SWBAT write a rough draft biography using information learned in the interview process.

Big Idea: Using notes to write text is a complex task. Scaffolding the task makes the job doable.

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