Reflection: Student Ownership Working it Out: Students try the MENSA workout for themselves - Section 2: MENSA Workout


Metacognition refers to a person's ability to know what they know, and to understand how they process and manage information.  Metacognition is really important for students to learn how to maximize their strengths and strategize when it comes to their weaknesses.  

In 8th grade, many students have made the leap into abstract thinking.  They can tell you how they came to a particular decision and what they struggled with.  Some cannot, and they need opportunities to develop this type of reasoning.

This activity (though it was really just a fun extension on some of the ideas introduced in the story) probes students' ideas about their own strengths and weaknesses.  It also challenges them to struggle with questions that seem to be impossible to answer.  One of the questions, for example, presents a series of letters in a circular shape.  You have to figure out which word is spelled by starting at a particular letter.  This pushes students' logic and their vocabularies and word knowledge.  But they also have to know themselves well enough to know just how much time to spend on such a question, and when they should move on.  Developing those metacognitive skills is something that will serve students now and later, in almost every aspect of their lives.

  Student Ownership: Metacognition
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Working it Out: Students try the MENSA workout for themselves

Unit 3: Flowers for Algernon
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Objective: SWBAT write a reflection about IQ and their experiences doing the online MENSA workout

Big Idea: Putting the "I" in try the questions on for size

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