Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge My Family's Lady Bugs (day 1 of 3) - Section 2: Warm up


In solving the last problem in the warm up one of my students began to explain how she found the correct answer: 9/15. Instead of simplifying 6/10 to 3/5 and then scaling up as I expected, she said she added 5 to the 10 and added 3 to the 6. In years past I may have stopped listening as soon as she said "added", but I kept listening and modeled it on the board and saw immediately that in fact her additive method works. We shared it with the class and asked the small groups to discuss why it makes sense that her method works. Sadly, I did not get video, but there were two wonderful connections made. Most students could see that adding 3 and 5 was still maintaining the constant ratio of 3/5 and said that as long as you are adding 3 (spotted lady bugs) for every 5 (total lady bugs) it would stay in proportion. Another group pointed out that, starting with 6/10, she added half of 10, so she has to add half of 6, which is a lot like scaling up or simplifying by the same factor!

  Elegant use of additive thinking
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Elegant use of additive thinking
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My Family's Lady Bugs (day 1 of 3)

Unit 7: Percent proportions
Lesson 11 of 16

Objective: SWBAT use ratios, percent, and graph to test for and express proportionality.

Big Idea: Students become comfortable using a variety of mathematical tools to show equivalence.

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Math, Percentages, Number Sense and Operations, proportionality, ratios, proportionality on a graph, pattern
  54 minutes
the warm up
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