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Because kindergarten child are emerging artists as well as writers, I like to give a mini lesson about drawing snowflakes.  My drawings are not accurate, but they are better than dots or stars for snow and they show more detail.  I talk with the children about the shapes and the number of sides.  I usually narrow the types to plate, stellar and needle; although if you want more information click on the link I have included in the resources.  My drawings include simple shapes like triangles, hexagons, v's, dots, and lines.  I use a combination to show the children how they can make many different designs with just a few basic shapes.

  Modeling: Drawing snowflakes
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Who is Snowflake Bentley?

Unit 7: Merging Literacy into Science and Social Studies
Lesson 5 of 8

Objective: SWBAT find information in books to learn more about a topic. Student Objective: I can get information from a book to learn more about snowflakes.

Big Idea: By knowing how to use our reading and writing skills , we can become "experts" and write about our observations.

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snowflake photo by wilson
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