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I had a few students absent the day we walked through the app. I find that this often I have a student or two absent on a day I am first rolling something out. To catch up these students I can pull them aside and reteach the lesson they have missed. With the iPad being such an engaging tool, I also offer to meet them at lunch so they can get caught up to the other students. I believe students should play and so I do not keep them in if possible. In the case of the project they are usually eager to work and will choose to come in. 

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Well Noted Presentation

Unit 17: Researching Basics
Lesson 6 of 10

Objective: SWBAT use an iPad app to create a presentation that relates to the Native American tribe they have been compiling research on.

Big Idea: With some app experimentation and guided practice over, students are now ready to use the app to create their presentation. This will take some time for them to finish, but in the end will have created a factual masterpiece.

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