Reflection: ELL Students Stop and Reverse It: A Lesson on Antonyms - Section 3: Create A List


When students began to approach my desk, I helped the first two students right away clear up any misconceptions. Then the third student came to my desk with a similar problem. They had opposites, but were not trying to come up with more complex vocabulary. 

I asked the class to put down their markers and give me their attention. I thought I should stop them now and show them what I mean by choosing more interesting words. I write an example of both on the white board. The first words I choose are hot and cold. The more interesting words I model are steamy and chilled. I then explain again that the antonyms they decide on need to be juicier words. 

  ELL Students: Intervention
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Stop and Reverse It: A Lesson on Antonyms

Unit 9: Vocabulary Skills
Lesson 7 of 9

Objective: SWBAT create and determine antonyms in and out of sentences.

Big Idea: Antonyms are a fun way to help students learn new vocabulary. This lesson reviews antonyms and introduces students to their usefulness when reading new words.

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