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I didn't intend for this to go beyond one or two lessons, but opportunities fall into your lap with teaching, thankfully!  Looking back, I can't imagine that I would present such a lesson without follow-up.

The Global Issues lesson took place in February. I presented the lesson plan from my Significant School Days unit, March 22nd World Water Day, all of the sudden it occurred to me, quickly I may add, that this was a perfect opportunity. We just had to return to the lesson about Global Issues because the number one concern on their compiled list was Clean Drinking Water! Rather than teach my standard lesson about this important day, I did a little research, and combined it with something called, The Water Challenge, which gave them the opportunity to make a pledge and a small sacrifice, and raise money to help bring a well to a village in Uganda.  We participated in this for two satisfying weeks, and raised $218.29. 

What a significant way to show the kids that not only should we discuss Global Issues- it's our responsibility as world citizens to make a difference, however small.


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  Student Ownership: Continuing the Conversation
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Our World has Issues; Can the Kids Help?

Unit 15: We're Always Writing Something!
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Objective: TSWBAT identify a global Issues that concerns them , and write an opinion piece supported with reasons and information to suggest solutions.

Big Idea: Give students the chance to determine what the world needs, then write about it.

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