Reflection: Complex Tasks Island of the Blue Dolphins: The Ghalas-at and Aleuts - Examining Perspective in Island of the Blue Dolphins - Section 2: Teaching Strategy


Instead of modeling my thinking for all of chapter 4, we did a supported discussion.  For example, I would say, "If event is told from the perspective of Karana, who were the characters?"  Then, scholars pop corned out (stood up and called out) who was a character.  I continued asking the questions on the graphic organizer and discussed them with scholars.  Scholars recorded the final question on their own.  Here are scholars writing from the perspective of Captain Orlov.  

I spent extra time here because the skill was a bit more complex than expected.  Scholars needed more support so I kept them in the teaching strategy longer than planned instead of releasing them to guided practice.  

  Complex Tasks: Took much longer
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Island of the Blue Dolphins: The Ghalas-at and Aleuts - Examining Perspective in Island of the Blue Dolphins

Unit 9: Animal Encounters - Part II
Lesson 4 of 11

Objective: SWBAT analyze how the details of an event are influenced by the perspective from which the event is told.

Big Idea: Two people experience the same thing, but describe it differently. Why?

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