Reflection: Pacing Island of the Blue Dolphins: The Ghalas-at and Aleuts - Examining Perspective in Island of the Blue Dolphins - Section 3: Guided Practice


We extended the teaching strategy today since the objective was a bit complex.  Scholars completed reading chapter 5 during their independent station rotations.  Since this is day 1 of a new skill, I am ok with skipping the guided practice.  Scholars were not ready to be more independent with this skill, so I would rather skip the student practice time since they will likely not be practicing correctly.  However, I do want to get to the independent rotations so that my ELL co-teacher and I can target individual need.  Scholars will just read chapter 5, not complete the graphic organizer (unless they feel comfortable enough to do so on their own).  

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Island of the Blue Dolphins: The Ghalas-at and Aleuts - Examining Perspective in Island of the Blue Dolphins

Unit 9: Animal Encounters - Part II
Lesson 4 of 11

Objective: SWBAT analyze how the details of an event are influenced by the perspective from which the event is told.

Big Idea: Two people experience the same thing, but describe it differently. Why?

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