Reflection: Shared Expectations What is One Hundred More? What is One Hundred Less? - Section 3: Guided Practice


Throughout the day I try to give my students opportunities to work in teams.  I find that when students are working in teams they have more ownership for their learning, are more engaged, and are able to have more meaningful mathematical discourse.  During whole class time, some students become less engaged and students have fewer opportunities to discuss their ideas.  During independent work time, students are able to practice and show their skills but they do not have the opportunity to think through or discuss their ideas.  Teamwork time gives students a unique opportunity to be very engaged and to discuss their ideas with teammates.

 During this short guided practice, students work in teams--this teamwork enables them to have more meaningful discourse with each other as well as to have ownership over their own learning--it also allows me to differentiate by placing students of various ability levels in each group and having students help each other to understand the concepts. 


  Building teamwork during math
  Shared Expectations: Building teamwork during math
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What is One Hundred More? What is One Hundred Less?

Unit 6: Three-Digit Addition and Subtraction
Lesson 1 of 13

Objective: SWBAT identify the hundreds place and add or subtract 100 from a number using their knowledge of place value

Big Idea: Students are building a foundation for using place value strategies to add and subtract within 1000.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, addition, subtraction, base ten, place value strategies
  45 minutes
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