Reflection: Advanced Students Digging Underground to Learn About Labeling - Section 3: Assessment


I have students who are ready and eager to write about what they saw, in addition to labeling. I allowed them to write about their pictures on the back of the paper and then they could also read this during the sharing time.  This was a great time to have some peer modeling and encouragement. This helps to promote writing when we have other assignments.

  Advanced Students: Reflection
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Digging Underground to Learn About Labeling

Unit 7: Merging Literacy into Science and Social Studies
Lesson 4 of 8

Objective: SWBAT listen to a story and then retell important information through labeling his illustration. Student Objective: I can label my science picture after I have drawn it.

Big Idea: Reading labels in a selection of informational text is key in understanding the content.

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