Reflection: Student Led Inquiry Who is 1st in the Father Daughter Race? - Section 1: Warm up


When comparing the work of two students, both students solve the problem using a t- table, that started with 1 second, but with different distances for y. The response of student 1 shows the daughter has ran 45 meters in 1 second.  Adding the 40 meter head start and the 5 meters she runs in 5 seconds, this answer is correct. In the response of  student 2,  the distance of the father is 0 meters in 1 second and the daughter has ran 40 meters in 1 second. This answer does not represent the starting point correctly, and therefore the intersection is incorrect.  It is clear that student one has a better understanding of the y intercept or initial point than student two.  Student one has written the correct equation to the table for the father's time and distance of y=9x.  The equation shows a initial point of 0 and and increasing situation of 9 meters per second.

  Student Led Inquiry: Examining Student Work
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Who is 1st in the Father Daughter Race?

Unit 4: Systems of Equations
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Objective: SWBAT solve word problems using a system of equations and analyze the meaning of the solution.

Big Idea: Revisit how increasing or decreasing situations are written in slope-intercept form and solve systems of equations involving such systems.

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Math, Algebra, Warm UP, Real world problem, Analyze the Graph, Intersection point, Review Graphing lines, Solve a system of Equations, By Graphing, think pair share
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