Reflection: Real World Applications Gathering Evidence: What can our School Resource Officer tell us about privacy? - Section 1: Prepare for our guest speaker


Today was the first time that I've had the School Resource Officer in my ELA10 classroom.  Normally, I try to bring him in a couple times a year because the results are always awesome.  Today was no exception.  The Officer was completely open to all questions that students asked.  For the most part, students did a great job of staying on task and answering questions that pertained to privacy.  Only twice did a student stray from the task and ask questions that didn't pertain (Is that gun loaded? Can I touch it?).  Besides the officer being a credible person to ask about student privacy, it was also great to see students talking to an officer and listening to him.  I loved watching my students, some of whom have only spoken to the officer when they are in trouble, speak to an adult with manners and confidence.  Today's task was a great lesson in speaking and listening standards, but was also real-world application.  Three cheers for utilizing community resources!

Reflection on community in the classroom

  Real World Applications: Speaking and Listening, Community Involvement and The Common Core
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Gathering Evidence: What can our School Resource Officer tell us about privacy?

Unit 3: Electronic Privacy
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Objective: SWBAT gather evidence for an argumentative essay by forming questions, listening to a guest speaker for answers to those questions and writing a reflection.

Big Idea: Interviewing our school resource officer is just as valuable as reading a text about social media privacy.

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