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I use Friday Skills Assessments (otherwise know as Friday quizzes!) to help evaluate students' understanding of the concepts taught during the week and to help me plan my math meeting for the next week.  I do most of my re-teaching during my math meeting/calendar math time in the early part of the day (a time separate from my math block).  I determine the topics for math meeting by identifying commonly missed questions on the Friday quiz and looking for common errors or misconceptions.  I then teach mini-lessons and/or give students extra practice on these skills during the math meeting time.

I also use these Friday Skills Assessments to determine student retention of material as I always put one review assessment item on each test.  This review question allows me to see what students remember from previous weeks/ units and helps students stay fluent in skills taught throughout the year. 

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My Arrays Poster

Unit 2: Arrays
Lesson 7 of 7

Objective: SWBAT create more than one equation for an array

Big Idea: Students make a poster with their own arrays and write at least two equations for each array!

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