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During the independent practice, I started working with Group A (my group of students most in need of intervention).  Once they are working independently, I stopped by and work with my Group C (students who can be challenged more).  I had intended to give students in Group C a mini-lesson on repeated addition and its connection to multiplication (i.e: instead of adding 3 five times we can write 3X5).   However, I ran out of time and simply asked students in Group C to consider writing a third number sentence.  Several of my students were able to come up with a multiplication number sentence on their own and then were able to explain that saw a number added over and over and then decided to multiply (MP8).  One student even suggested we multiply the number of columns by the number of rows to quickly find the answer.  These students were able to focus on repeated reasoning and "discover" multiplication on their own.  I made sure that I had a chance to work with the students in this group who did not come up with multiplication on their own later in the day so that the whole group could be on the same page. 

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Writing Equations for Arrays

Unit 2: Arrays
Lesson 4 of 7

Objective: SWBAT write repeated addition equations for arrays.

Big Idea: After spending several days building and drawing arrays, students use what they know about adding groups to create repeated addition number sentences to represent their arrays.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, Operations , repeated addition, multiplication, arrays, models
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