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This was the first year I eliminated proportions from my instruction.  After reading a lot about the common core, and having vertical conversations with teachers in my district - proportions are really more of a hindrence to student learning.  Sure, they offer a quick, easy way to set up a problem - but they lack longevity.  This year I have focused my teaching on proportional relationships to build on unit rate - and teaching this lesson using the proportional equation I think will better withstand the test of time.  Students caught on to the concept, and they were able to easily relate it back to what we did at the beginning of the year.

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Scale Drawings

Unit 7: Geometric Figures
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Objective: Students will be able to apply the concept of proportional reasoning to solve scale drawing problems.

Big Idea: Scales are used all around us - maps, figurines, etc - this lesson allows students to understand how to work with scale drawings and models.

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