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The one thing that can be quite difficult when learning a new app is the learning curve of your students. Many students like to problem solve for themselves and they dive right into trying to figure out how to use the app. While other students, struggle to move forward without a confirmation that they are doing everything right. This can be quite frustrating. 

I noticed during the lesson that students were often more likely to shout out for help to get my attention while they were practicing. Students that needed that confirmation were determined to have me confirm that they were doing things right. There were many times when this became a frustration point for me. 

Instead of letting my frustration build, I asked for my students' attention and explained what I was feeling. I explain how the shouting for help is starting to make me feel badly and it is not polite. I also explain that what we are doing now is just for practice, if they mess up it is ok. I want them to try and figure things out without asking and just try their best. This first part is not for a grade and is only for them to figure out the app. This approach models communication and relationship skills. 

  Student Ownership: Patience
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New App Walkthrough

Unit 17: Researching Basics
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Objective: SWBAT create and problem solve how to use a new app on their iPad to create a presentation about themselves.

Big Idea: To work on presenting key details and demonstrating uderstanding, students need to learn various ways to present what they have learned. This lesson uses an iPad app to create a slideshow.

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English / Language Arts, Presentation Skills, Writing, Research Writing and Practices, ipad app, Slideshow, technology, guided practice
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