Reflection: Student Led Inquiry Socratic Seminar Two - Section 3: Shout Outs


While a few students throughout the day needed the rock reminder during the seminar, I found that overwhelmingly most did not.  My students seemed to enjoy calling on each other to comment when they noticed those they hadn't heard from yet, surely in part because I told them an extra check would go next to their names, for future consideration in some sort of positive way (I don't like to out-right call it "extra-credit," but rather tell my students that I will remember that they did this for their peers, should they need such consideration in the future .  . .).

For teachers who strive to keep the format of the Socratic Seminar as student-led as possible, I would suggest incorporating a system such as the rock I used today.  I found it relatively unobtrusive, as my students were able to continue dialoging whenever I discreetly placed the rock in front of certain students. 

  Students Helping Students
  Student Led Inquiry: Students Helping Students
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Socratic Seminar Two

Unit 8: Of Mice and Men Part II
Lesson 4 of 9

Objective: SWBAT conduct a Socratic Seminar by sustaining an extended dialogue around Of Mice and Men, in addition to three supplemental texts, through student-generarted questions.

Big Idea: Students take the lead on discussions around several texts.

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