Reflection: Gradual Release Adding Polish to Expository Writing - Section 2: Adding Polish: Headings and Media


You might be wondering why I didn't give students an open-ended assignment since I talked about what to do in such a scenario today. While I could do so, it seems to me to be a bit unfair given that college students find it challenging. Students need more support in high school than in college, so a totally open-ended assignment might overwhelm my students even with my suggestions. This way, they at least have some strategies to apply in two years when they are more advanced while still getting the support they need now (in the form of clear organizational expectations in our current essays).

  Why Not Open the Topic?
  Gradual Release: Why Not Open the Topic?
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Adding Polish to Expository Writing

Unit 9: Expository Writing
Lesson 15 of 21

Objective: SWBAT include logical headings and media to enhance expository writing by revising literary analysis essays.

Big Idea: A picture is worth a thousand words, and so is a good title; use headings and media to enhance writing.

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English / Language Arts, Expository Writing, Writing, Writing Process, essay (Literary Criticism), headings, media, caption, pictures, essay polish
  45 minutes
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