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I walked around the room, making sure the students were using their new synonyms in their sentences.  I could tell that using our new adjectives was a rigorous expectation for some of my students.  I could tell I was really stretching some of my student's vocabulary.

However, I did have to do some intervening.  After originally saying, "I want you to write simple sentences about the foods you observed.  Don't use ordinary adjectives.  Use one of your new synonyms," some students kept using the ordinary adjectives over and over.  I had one student rewrite their sentences 3 times until I received what I asked for in the first place, and this was OK. Stretching a student's vocabulary was a high expectation I had set, especially since for some of them this was the first time anyone ever asked them to stretch outside of their everyday vocabulary.  Regardless, I didn't lower my expectations even though this may have been a new concept for some of them.

You can see some examples of my student's work in the video here Student Work Adjective Synonyms and Sentences.mp4.

  Checks for Understanding: Did They Understand?
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Pictures In My Mind: Using Adjectives to Create Vivid Imagery, Day 2 of 2

Unit 13: Grammar and Language Lessons
Lesson 5 of 8

Objective: SWBAT identify and use adjectives to enhance the description of nouns in their writing.

Big Idea: Using adjectives helps our writing become more engaging and interesting to read. It's like adding vibrant color to the evening sky!

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