Reflection: Checks for Understanding Pictures In My Mind: Using Adjectives to Create Vivid Imagery, Day 2 of 2 - Section 2: Finding New Adjectives Using a Thesaurus


At first, I didn't teach this lesson the way I've written it.  I've been sharing with you about how words can have different shades of meaning based on the context of the sentence.  I originally had students doing some guided practice with me and then splitting off into small groups to look for their own adjectives.  I originally thought I would be able to circulate through the small groups and help them with these nuances.  I was wrong.

What I found was that not every student was engaged.  Some of my "take charge" kind of students did just that - they took charge!  They took the responsibility for everything - typing the words in, finding the correct category (or so they thought), and telling their group members which words to write on their synonym charts.  For those students who weren't involved, their attention began to wander, and the lesson began to break down.

I also noticed that even though I had put a high student in each group, high students were still picking the wrong shades of meaning.  They were beginning to misuse and misunderstand the meanings of our words.  I didn't want students to practice skills incorrectly, so I stopped the group work and went back to the whole group work, under my guidance.  This worked much better, and then I also had a goal now of getting students to do this work independently in small groups (possibly reading groups).

You can see how my students made their best attempts to work in small groups here Finding Synonyms on and then how we went back to the large group setting here Finding Synonyms as a Whole Group.mp4.  As I brought the students back to the whole group setting I said, "Boys and girls, I saw how all of you were working hard but you are still having trouble picking the correct categories and that's my fault, so let's go back and I'll help you with the categories." I didn't want students to think they were doing a poor job when it was obviously a planning problem on my part.

  Checks for Understanding: Adjusting During the Lesson
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Pictures In My Mind: Using Adjectives to Create Vivid Imagery, Day 2 of 2

Unit 13: Grammar and Language Lessons
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Objective: SWBAT identify and use adjectives to enhance the description of nouns in their writing.

Big Idea: Using adjectives helps our writing become more engaging and interesting to read. It's like adding vibrant color to the evening sky!

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