Reflection: Shared Expectations Close-Reading: Analyzing Google And YouTube - Section 3: Independent Writing Time


This is a lesson that very much depends on the time of the year in order to be successful. Students struggle very much with timed writing, especially on standardized tests. In order for students to write without so much teacher guidance, they are going to need to be in a classroom the values writing and they need to understand this from the beginning of the year. It needs to be an environment where writing is valued.

It may be difficult to do this lesson in it's entirety when students have not had practice with the different skills the lesson requires (finding evidence, determining main idea, creating a claim). They need experience with this before they can do it on their own. The Common Core very much expects that students own the skills and a lesson like this can help a teacher determine if students are internalizing the skills and able to apply them.

  Teacher Guidance Compared To Independent Practice
  Shared Expectations: Teacher Guidance Compared To Independent Practice
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Close-Reading: Analyzing Google And YouTube

Unit 5: Research Paper: Influential Lives Part I
Lesson 9 of 10

Objective: SWBAT analyze a personal essay about research in order to determine the author's claim and support their own thinking with evidence.

Big Idea: Youtube and Google: a match made in research heaven or a recipe for disaster? Finding the claim and staking one's own.

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