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In a this lesson,  students were required to present a short in-class project about a quadrilateral which we were studying (i.e. a rhombus, isosceles trapezoid, rectangle, or square).  The entire class did a great job presenting their quadrilateral and each small group seemed very enthusiastic about their shape. After our presentations, Trae, one of my creative, animated students asked, “Can we make a video about our shape?”  To be perfectly honest, not just Trae but my entire class had been asking to create a second video after a very successful project we completed earlier in the year on Triangle Proofs

I asked for a day to think about this, and the next class, surveyed the class to see who would be interested in extending out short project into a full-blown video project.  Opinions varied.  Some students passionately voiced their desire to plan, shoot and create a video featuring real-world examples of their quadrilateral, while other students felt uncomfortable being in the spotlight.  So, we all compromised.  Students were given the choice to create a video or a poster of their quad.

Naturally, I worried about losing precious, precious time by completing this additional project.  However, while looking over our unit schedule, I realized since we had a review day planned, the videos and poster presentations could be a natural way to have students articulate their learning, critique the work of others and also actively engage in a review.   I am going post a second reflection with examples from this student work and also feedback from on my class on these quickly put together video and poster projects.  

  Extending Presentations to a Project
  Student Ownership: Extending Presentations to a Project
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Calling All Quads

Unit 6: Pretty Polygons
Lesson 5 of 8

Objective: SWBAT identify key characteristics of quadrilaterals like squares, rhombi, rectangles, kites, trapezoids and isosceles trapezoids.

Big Idea: Students will lead class in presenting on key facts about quadrilaterals like squares, rectangles, rhombi, trapezoids, isosceles trapezoids and kites.

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