Reflection: Student Ownership Creating Acronyms to Formulate Opinions and Using Textual References as Evidence - Section 6: Closure


When we decided to use WISE as an acronym in our class, we didn't realize that another group of students would look at WISE and feel inspired to create another acronym, W/STEAM After we finished creating WISE together as a group, a group of students came to me with another idea which led to the acronym W/STEAM.  

The group of students chose S for Subject/Topic, T for Theme, E for Emotions, A for Author, M for Meaning. When asked about the words in the poem, they suggested W/ (meaning "With"). This was truly an exciting moment in our teaching and learning experience.

  Student Ownership: First it was WISE, but now could it be W/STEAM?
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Creating Acronyms to Formulate Opinions and Using Textual References as Evidence

Unit 2: Poetry Analysis
Lesson 2 of 9

Objective: SWBAT evaluate the quality of a poem by using textual evidence to defend their opinions.

Big Idea: Do you know why I like this poem? I will show you my reasons!

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