Reflection: Lesson Planning Selecting a Good Read for Your Book Review - Section 4: Assistance from Your Librarian: The "Book-Talk"


As I briefly discuss in the attached video, ALL of the librarians I have worked with in the three schools I have worked in since 2003 have "pushed" YA works.  I have struggled with this approach, as I am not one to be too too excited that "at least they are reading" when they are "reading" Gym Candy and Perfect Romance.  This is akin to saying that "deep reading' of is "using the internet" appropriately.  

The CCSS as clear in anchor standard 10 regarding (and then also in the grade-level sub-standards) text complexity, and I, personally, do not believe that most YA constitutes the type of "text complexity" called for the in the CCSS for upper grades.  I will let that thought "hang out there" and allow you to decide for yourself ...

  Lesson Planning: Is YA "grade appropriate"?
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Selecting a Good Read for Your Book Review

Unit 5: Writing a Review
Lesson 1 of 6

Objective: SWABT select an appropriate narrative work (a novel presumably) to review for their Book Reviews.

Big Idea: students need guidance to select appropriate independent reading

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English / Language Arts, Writing, Writing Process, independent reading, choice reading
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