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Stretching the Slinky out

As I guided and observed the games, I needed to step in when I saw them being stuck.

The sticky place comes in writing the numbers down. The transfer from the tactile to the writing part can be a moment where they stop thinking and I knew I needed to be right there to catch that. So I continually watched each student as they manipulated the cards. I was surprised at how quickly they could place numbers, but how hard it was for them to write them down without clustering. I am not sure why this still happens when it is so "right there" for them.

As I worked with them I decided to:

* Ask what place value each value they write are and ask them to read that value aloud as they write it down and say the expression out loud as they construct it. This reinforces their fluency and thought process as they master the standard.

* Ask them which number they think they could use in a standard form number. ( Then I had them underline or highlight that number so that they could build their standard form number from the expanded form.)

* If they make the common mistake of bunching some numbers together. I physcially stretched the slinky out to remind them about what their number was looking like at the moment, and then cluster a mid section where they had bunched up the numbers and then I would tell them that is what their equation looks like. Is the slinky stretched out ?

This little clip is a reflection of my thoughts on how I need to bring this back around again tomorrow.Reflection: They are getting there! But, can they solidly transfer the knowledge?

The visual aid of the slinky works beautifully! They see the clump in the spring and can relate it to where they have clumped their numbers improperly.

  Adjustments to Practice: Some Guiding Questions
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RTI Expanded Form: All Hands on Deck!

Unit 11: Place Value
Lesson 5 of 14

Objective: SWBAT create numbers in expanded form and then write the standard form of the number.

Big Idea: Students manipulate this great card game to strengthen their skills in creating and understanding expanded form better. They use a slinky to help them check and understand if their whole number is stretched out!

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finding the place value to match the
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