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Although it was not relevant to the story, one of my students made a personal connection to the name of the character in the text. Those connections can be powerful and a point of discussion. "You said that your brother has the same name...does he look like this character?"

This connection is a starting point for students. They can verify, adjust and rework their images based on an original connection instead of having to create an image 'from scratch'. Whenever you can encourage these personal ties to characters, setting or plot, it ultimately makes for a more powerful tie to the story.

  Relevance: A Personal Connection to a Detail in the Story
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Extend Your World

Unit 10: Imaging & Visualizing - Can You Make a Picture In Your Head?
Lesson 9 of 19

Objective: SWBAT use the information gained from words in print to create an image that shows comprehension of setting and plot.

Big Idea: Extend your world by using details to spur the imagination!

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English / Language Arts, Special Education, Reading, Literature, Fiction (Reading), 2nd Grade, plot, visualizing, reading , imaging, detail, setting
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