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This is the one of the few times that I have allowed my students to choose their partners for peer response, as their memories may be personal enough that they might feel awkward sharing them with a student with whom they are not comfortable.  As a rule, I generally assemble student groupings myself, either as table partners or as high-low groupings, to either avoid off-task behavior or to provide additional support to my struggling students.

During this peer exchange, however, my students were noticeably animated in their partnerships, talking about their memoirs and offering suggestions to each other in valuable ways.  It almost seemed as though I had rewarded them with the chance to choose their partners, and they did not make me regret my decision.  

I would like to think that part of their enthusiasm is the result of our continued focus on quality writing in class, both as readers and as writers.  Good writing has become a cause for celebration, and so my students seemed genuinely invested in their pieces and in sharing them with each other. Consequently, when I was ready to release them to partners of their own choosing, they appeared to be more excited about sharing their writing with their partners than they were about drifting off-task.

  Can We Choose Our Own Partners?
  Student Grouping: Can We Choose Our Own Partners?
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The One Page Memoir

Unit 6: Bad Boy Part II
Lesson 8 of 11

Objective: SWBAT exchange their one-page memoir drafts with a partner for final draft feedback.

Big Idea: Students learn to maximize narrative technique in just a page.

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