Reflection: Student Ownership Seeing Structure in Factoring the Difference of Squares - Section 2: Direct Instruction


One of the best parts of this lesson what when I asked students to write down their own binomial factors whose product would result in a difference of two perfect squares (slide 4).  Students take a great deal of ownership over their work when they can make up their own problem.  By taking many of the student ideas and posting them on the board, students immediately saw the pattern in the structure.  Once they could see why all of these binomials products led to the same time of binomial expression, they were much more prepared to "take apart" (factor) the difference of two perfect square expressions.

NOTE: I left this list posted for the entire class for us to refer back to.

  Make up your own expression
  Student Ownership: Make up your own expression
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Seeing Structure in Factoring the Difference of Squares

Unit 4: Polynomial Expressions
Lesson 16 of 18

Objective: SWBAT factor polynomial expressions that describe the difference between two perfect squares.

Big Idea: Students will develop an understanding of how difference of perfect square polynomials are formed in order to know how to factor them.

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