Reflection: Student Ownership Imagine What an Inchworm Would Say - Section 5: Students Take a Turn


I was pleased to see that some students really went above and beyond to add original ideas to their images. I modeled ideas such as the worm saying "Oh no" or "Don't eat me!", but some students went beyond and added thought bubbles that were more personalized. I want to continue to discuss these unique perspectives as we do more lessons. It's critical that the kids go beyond literal ideas (I'm running) to more complex ideas and use imaging to be an active reader.

  Student Ownership: Taking the ideas and personalizing them
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Imagine What an Inchworm Would Say

Unit 10: Imaging & Visualizing - Can You Make a Picture In Your Head?
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Objective: SWBAT use imaging/visualizing to explain how characters respond to events in literature.

Big Idea: Create in inchworm diary to show what it's thinking.

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English / Language Arts, Special Education, Reading, Fiction (Reading), 2nd Grade, character motivation, imaging, leo lionni
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