Reflection: Performance Tasks Tables and Equations.....They're related! - Section 4: Summative Assessment


I was able to grade the students by using the following criteria:


Novice:  made some connections, but did not complete all questions or missed some key elements

Apprentice: completed the entire assessment, but made an error in calculation or completing the graph

Practitioner: completed the entire assessment and used mathematical knowledge in finding the solutions and graphed their solution correctly

Expert:  completed a the entire assessment and made mathematical connections (solved equations or used ratios) within the problem. Solutions and explanations given. 


When I grade students like this, I make it out of 10 points.  Novice is a 7/10, Apprentice 8/10, Practitioner 9/10 and an Expert is a 10/10.  I do this so that all students can feel successful.  As long as they try something, they are not going to get lower than a C. This allows those students that don't feel mathematically inclined to give it a try without the fear of failing. 


Samples of student work.

  Performance Tasks: Samples of student work
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Tables and Equations.....They're related!

Unit 7: Equations
Lesson 8 of 14

Objective: SWBAT write equations from tables by identifying the independent and dependent variables.

Big Idea: Writing equations from tables prepares students for the concepts of slope and graphing equations.

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