Reflection: Intervention and Extension Does Every Number Have A Partner? - Section 4: Independent Practice


During this section of the lesson, the students are working independently.  During this time, I walk around the room circulating to get a sense of students' conceptual understanding but also to help clear up any small misconceptions.  If it appears that most students are proceeding through independent practice with little teacher guidance, I try to pull an intervention group and help students who seem to be struggling and need to be caught up.  When working with these students, I oftentimes give them manipulatives so that they have a more concrete representation of the problem that they are working on.  In this case, I gave my most struggling students cubes and allowed them to match the numbers up using the cubes.  This allowed them to concretely express the concept of pairing numbers and helped them to move closer to a conceptual understanding of even and odd numbers. 

  Supporting Struggling Students
  Intervention and Extension: Supporting Struggling Students
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Does Every Number Have A Partner?

Unit 5: Is it Even Or Odd?
Lesson 1 of 4

Objective: SWBAT determine if one-digit numbers are even or odd

Big Idea: Students use ten frames to determine whether a number is even or odd.

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Math, odd, even, Odd and even numbers
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