Reflection: Pacing Revising Booktalks - Section 2: Group Work: Determining Book and Criteria Of Appealing Booktalks


This lesson required of pushing on my part as the teacher. Maybe it's because it was the first day after break or perhaps it was due to a lack of organization on some of the students, but many of the students did not have the motivation to keep up with the structure of the lesson and this really surprised me. I anticipated students to be eager to work on this, and while some where, many students needed basic tasks broken down.

For this lesson to be really successful, students need to come to this lesson engaged and prepared to work with their rough drafts from the previous lesson. Without that, as I experienced today, students are going to need to be seriously pushed in order to complete this work and to complete it independently. As much as the Common Core pushes towards independent work, students need to be ready and motivated to do so.

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Revising Booktalks

Unit 10: Independent Reading
Lesson 8 of 10

Objective: SWBAT revise booktalks with audience in mind.

Big Idea: Engaging an audience is more than just showing up.

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