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Wow!  I think this might have been the best moment in my classroom this year!  This type of activity required that groups were collaborating, presenting and explaining their thinking.  I have worked really hard at creating a student centered environment in my classroom where the students are really taking charge in their learning and boy did they show their progress as students. 

Amazing moment #1: During the group work each person was involved in the process and knew exactly what work was written on their group sheet. 

Amazing moment #2: As the students were presenting the work each person in the group stood at the board and presented a part of their work.  It wasn’t just one person presenting. 

Amazing moment #3:  When each group was finished some of my students asked furthering questions to the group that was presenting.  I had not asked the listeners to respond to the presentation.  Some of them just wanted to know more about the thinking that the other group shared. 

Amazing moment #4:  Each group showed their work a little differently but my students were able to recognize that even though the process was different the product was the same. 

I never thought this would have been the end result from this small part of a lesson.  They blew me away.

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Adding Decimals

Unit 1: Operations with Decimals and Whole Numbers
Lesson 17 of 22

Objective: The students will be able to add numbers with decimals.

Big Idea: Bringing down the decimal for big savings!

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Math, division, decimal operations, multiplication, Real World Math
  50 minutes
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