Reflection: Student Ownership Skill 1: Literary Non-Fiction Analysis - Section 5: Wrap Up and Next Steps


So, I posted the list of choice novel groups today. I had asked students to write down their first and second choices sometime last week and tried really hard to make sure that each student was placed in one of those two groups. We have limited copies of each text, so I told the students that they might have to buy a copy/check a copy out from a library to ensure they get to read what they want to read.

Thankfully, I was able to get every student into a group for their first and second choices. I posted the list today to make sure I had everyone accounted for and prefaced it with a little plug for starting the books on Friday thinking that would be a nice way to wrap up class today. What I didn't anticipate was the buzz in the room. A few kids raised their hands and asked to check out the books early. I already had them gathered from our book room, so I said sure. With one minute left in class, I thought I would have two or three kids come grab books. Yeah, no. I had my whole class lined up to grab their novels. 

As the bell rang and I frantically worked to make sure kids had the right books, I overheard students talking excitedly about their choices. Later, during my hall duty, I had a student come up to me to share that she had already started reading and was already in love with her book. 

Needless to say, I am pretty stoked that they are so stoked about this. Having good buzz about reading material does my English teacher heart good. Here's hoping I can keep the excitement going!

  Choice Novel Fervor
  Student Ownership: Choice Novel Fervor
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Skill 1: Literary Non-Fiction Analysis

Unit 11: Skill Review: Preparing for the State Test
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Objective: SWBAT demonstrate their knowledge of how language functions by correctly answering questions about word choice and usage. SWBAT determine the central idea of "By Any Other Name" and trace its development over the course of the text by reading and annotating.

Big Idea: The state test is a' coming! Time to make sure we are all ready to tackle it. First step -- annotating and examining literary non-fiction.

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