Reflection: Joy Metric Measurement: Playing with Non Standard Measurement & a CCSS Pre test - Section 1: Warm Up: Using non standard measurement


This little activity revealed so much to me. I could see how several pairs wanted to revert back to measuring with feet and inches. These students were my high end students. My students who are middle to lower end understood how to use a nonstandard measurement. They reasoned through "Gerald" in the movie. Logic was being used in students with lower level thinking and reasoning! The higher level students wanted to go back to the more intricate work of converting their tile to inches and then feet! Interesting! The students with the book at first were guessing how many inches the book was and then adding that up in their heads. The look of relief was amazing when I told them they just needed to know how many 'books" the length of the room was!

They enjoyed having time to just measure using a tool of choice. They showed me they knew how to measure by butting up the edges of things or the tops of there head to their feet to measure. None of them tried to switch tools, so I think that concept is solid.

Our discussion really revealed a lot of cross talk about metrics and customary units, so I am convinced this group does not know they are talking about two different animals. It is my hope that soon they understand metric units and feel comfortable using it. We will see what the pretest reveals.

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Metric Measurement: Playing with Non Standard Measurement & a CCSS Pre test

Unit 2: Metric Measurement
Lesson 2 of 18

Objective: SWBAT show what they know about the metric system, relative measurement and comparison using the metric system.

Big Idea: Students measure the hallway using their choice of non-standard units to set the stage for the mindset of metrics. Then, students take a pretest to show what they understand about measurement in the metric system.

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