Reflection: Complex Tasks Main Idea and Text Structures - Section 2: Guided/Independent Practice


Talk about intense! My classroom is usually at a comfortable 70 degrees and today it felt like 100! This activity was intense! I ended up having to do a lot more guiding than I had anticipated.  The students were almost over confident, if that makes sense.  They felt they knew exactly what they were doing and didn't need to rely on any resource.  They were very shocked as I circulated the room and began telling them they were wrong! I ended up having to go through the steps one by one with many students to demonstrate how the steps are there to assist me. 

I also relied heavily on our previous notes we took on determining the main idea.  In these notes, I had the students write down several questions we can ask ourselves when we are working with main idea.  One of the questions that really came in handy was "Overall, what did I learn from this passage?"  I kept referring back to this question when the students were picking too narrow of a main idea or focusing on a supporting detail. 

I also started asking the students "If a friend came up to you and asked you what that paragraph you read in ELA was about, what would you say?"  This seemed to be very helpful for them to use in determining the main idea.  

It was a slow process, and the students met me with resistance when it came to following the steps and using their resources, but by the end of the 84 minutes we were exhausted and even a little sweaty, but we were successful!

  Text Structure
  Complex Tasks: Text Structure
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Main Idea and Text Structures

Unit 6: Unit 4 Text Structure
Lesson 11 of 11

Objective: SWBAT identify the main idea and text structure of a passage.

Big Idea: Students are pushed to identify main idea and text structure!

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English / Language Arts, structure (Composition Basics), cause and effect, chronological order, problem and solution
  62 minutes
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