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My students have actually gotten really good at sharing their thinking in math.  It’s definitely taken awhile to get them there but I’m impressed with how well they can articulate their thinking.  This is such an important skill for them to develop.  When I think about the break down between students knowing when to ask for help and students actually asking for help I wonder why they don’t realize they need help.  Well, maybe they really don’t know they need help.  What I’m trying to teach my students is how to be able to think through a problem and go through the steps in their head and on paper.  If I can teach them how to do this then maybe they can start to identify instances in which they need to ask for more help. 

For example, if they are working on a problem and they are able to easily walk through the steps in their head and then explain the steps to someone else, they probably don’t need much additional help.  Conversely, if they are working individually again and this time they are unable to identify steps or rationalize their thinking, they need to reason that this would be a time they need to ask for further help.  They need to get that point where they can explain their thinking thoroughly. 

  Time to cut the cord
  Student Self-Assessment: Time to cut the cord
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Decimal Operations

Unit 1: Operations with Decimals and Whole Numbers
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Objective: The students will be able to apply knowledge of the four basic operations when using numbers with decimals.

Big Idea: Keeping track of math operation rules can be as easy as using a piece of paper.

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Math, division, decimal operations, multiplication
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