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Self-Grading is a skill students need to begin working on immensely as they move into middle school next year.  They need to be able to determine if they need more help on a concept or if they have mastered it.  This skill is crucial to being in a classroom with many other students.  As amazing as teachers are, they not capable of checking for student understanding with each student, each day, on every lesson.  The student needs to become more responsible for their own their learning and know when to ask furthering questions or seek additional help. 

  Student Feedback: Self-Grading
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Comparing Decimals

Unit 1: Operations with Decimals and Whole Numbers
Lesson 16 of 22

Objective: Students will be able to compare to numbers with decimals into the thousandths.

Big Idea: Think of it like a grid!

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Math, division, decimal operations, multiplication
  50 minutes
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