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I've copied a few examples of student work, analyzed it, and made comments in the video (see link below).  My students soaked up the information I read to them in the books and were able to write down the facts they learned.  There were a few students who did get some facts wrong, so I marked those and will remember to return to those students to see where the misconception happened and reteach finding evidence to them.

The one aspect I still need to work on with my students is for them to be able to articulate that facts are things that are proven to be true.  I have many students who said things like, it happens in real life, or the things they said were real, which is not the precise definition I tried to teach them.  This is not our last fact lesson, so I know this is something that I will reteach and am confident that by the end of the school year my students will be able to articulate that facts are pieces of information that can be proven to be true.

You can watch this video and see some of my student's work and my thoughts here: Student Work Cloud Facts.

  Checks for Understanding: Checking For Understanding
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Identifying and Writing Facts About Clouds

Unit 12: Reading Comprehension Lessons
Lesson 9 of 14

Objective: SWBAT identify and write facts about clouds.

Big Idea: We can learn about facts and clouds at the same time.

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