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If you have been reading a story together as a class, or are pretty familiar with the majority of the books your class is reading, you could use the sticky notes to assess how they are understanding the book and if they can recall and connect to prior knowledge.

This is easiest is when using a common book, because very quickly you can figure out who has understood what they have read so far. For prior knowledge you could assess if what you have discussed as a class is something that they are now using to help them understand future readings.

I use sticky notes all the time to do quick assessments. They are fun and an easy way for me to gather a quick check. I have a piece of poster board on my door labeled "Exit Notes." This way after any lesson, on our way to lunch, recess, specials, or home, I can ask students to write for me answer, an explanation, solve a math problem, or in this case connect to their reading on their way out the door. The sticky note serves as an exit slip but instead of walking around and collecting them. They stick them to the door on their way out.

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Reading Strategy: Activate Prior Knowledge

Unit 1: Reading Strategies: Beginning of the Year
Lesson 2 of 15

Objective: SWBAT write down what they know about a particular subject to activate their prior knowledge.

Big Idea: To become a good reader we have to remind students that reading is thinking. Before we read a book or a chapter we have to think about what we already know. Many times activating what we know can be easy, and they need to practice activating it.

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