Reflection: High Quality Task Earning Money on a Snow Day: Graph Points to Represent Problems - Section 3: Independent Practice


My students very quickly understood how to plot and find plot on a coordinate plane, the previous standard. I did not initially anticipate that students would have such difficulty determining how to use the numbers in the chart to determine the increments of the graph. I highlighted one bar of information and then the "x" axis to assist a few students. From there, we discussed up to what numbers had to be shown on each respective axis. The students read the plots with ease. Another difficulty lied in when the students had to explain what information the graph showed about the temperature change. I related this back to language arts; I told them that the graph was important, and that they had to match up a story with it. I know that my students haven't been challenged before to explain their mathematical thinking, and they still need more practice with this.

  Graphing Relationships
  High Quality Task: Graphing Relationships
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Earning Money on a Snow Day: Graph Points to Represent Problems

Unit 3: Geometry
Lesson 8 of 8

Objective: Represent real-world and mathematical problems by graphing points on the coordinate plane.

Big Idea: Become an entrepreneur, and calculate your earnings with this coordinate plane! Become a meteorologist, and predict the weather with another one!

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