Reflection: Student Communication Review Day for Equations and Inequalities - Section 3: Closure + Homework


I create a video tutorial for the students to use to help them study for the test.  I've rearranged some things this year and I've been giving the study guide out a week prior to the test.  I heard from parents and they were concerned that there wasn't enough time for students to ask questions about the study guide.  So, in reaction to their concern, I decided to create these video tutorials using screencast-o-matic website.  It's quick and easy and I get a lot of positive feedback from the parents and kids.  Typically, I send the video to youtube so everyone has access to it.  I have also put it on Edmodo (an educational site used by teachers for their students).  Any students that don't have a computer at home can use the computer lab at school during their enrichment time to view the video. 

Here is the link to the video tutorial. 

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Review Day for Equations and Inequalities

Unit 7: Equations
Lesson 13 of 14

Objective: SWBAT apply an understanding of how to solve equations and inequalities using tables and diagrams.

Big Idea: Practicing for tests helps build good study habits.

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